About the Founder

Megan Mottley is the Founder of MTLY Communications, Publisher of DIVINE Magazine, Creator of The Glamour Girl Movement and Author of Glamour Girl: How To Get The Ultimate Makeover.

Megan has over 15 years of experience in the journalism industry and has worked in every facet of the media. Megan earned a Bachelor of Arts in English (specializing in Professional/Technical Writing) from the University of Memphis. She also earned a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Religion and Journalism from the University of Memphis. Megan received a professional license in Aesthetics from the Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology and for several years provided relaxation and rejuvenation services to salon clients and worked as a Freelance Makeup Artist. Megan is a 2009 graduate of Damascus Road, a ministry training internship and in 2010 she participated as a Mentee in Judy Jacobs’ International Institute of Mentoring program. She’s currently participating in Downline, a Biblical Discipleship Training program.

Through her parent company, MTLY Communications, Megan provides consultation services that create professional and effective communication platforms for ministries, churches, non-profits, individuals, etc. Megan also motivates readers through her publication, DIVINE Magazine , a high quality print and digital Inspirational Magazine published quarterly since 2007. Megan has plans to transform lives through her newly created program, The Glamour Girl Movement, an inspirational experience designed to empower, ignite and rejuvenate women through beauty.

Megan is passionate about inspiring individuals to discover and walk boldly in their purpose. She believes that once a person understands the true reason for which they were created, the sky is the limit as to how they will impact the world.

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