5 Ways To Get Glam This Summer

It’s Summertime & you’re probably planning a trip to the beach or you’re headed to somebody’s pool party real soon!

When you’re planning to be outside in the Summer heat, there are 5 tried & true rules that should always apply:

1) Stay Hydrated

No one looks glamorous connected to an I.V. due to dehydration. Drink plenty of water all Summer long & drink Gatorade if you suffer from heat exhaustion like I do! You can also make your own Gatorade & put it in a GLAMOROUS container perfect for the beach or poolside.


2) Sunscreen

Block the sun and protect your delicate skin while you’re hanging out in the sun. Opt for an SPF of 30 or above and whether you’re black, white or asian, sunscreen is for you. Don’t leave home with it. Check out Allure.com’s top sunscreens for 2014.

3) Lipgloss or Lipbalm

Lips can chap just as much in the Summer as they can in the Winter so keep your lips soft and supple with lip balms that are created just for the Summer months. Check out Dailymakeover.com’s top Summer Lip Balms.


4) Sunglasses

Summertime is a great month to let your skin rest from all the makeup. Lip gloss or tinted lip balm and a cute pair of sunglasses is all you need to turn heads on the beach or at the pool.  Check out Fashionisers Summer Eyewear Trends.

5) Nail Color

Keep your nails in tip-top shape this Summer. Use your extra time to give your nails extra care. Live a little and indulge in bright colors and cute designs. Check out Bazaar.com’s Best Polishes For Summer 2014.


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