.:Beauty Tip Tuesday:. 1/17/12

After a few days of being under the weather, a major Holiday and playing catch-up, I was forced to think about BEAUTY PICK-ME-UPS. You know, the kinds of beauty treatments that help you perk up from head to toe!

Here are some of my favorite BEAUTY PICK-ME-UPS:

  • Red lipstick. Brightens your outfit & your beautiful smile! Every GLAMOUR GIRL should have a tube of red lipstick in her arsenal.
  • Red nails. Although paint on my nails turns out to be more of nuisance because it chips away so fast, it is a great way to raise your vibration while adding a pop of color to your outfit.
  • Blush. Cheek Color adds just a little something extra to your face & can give you just the boost that you need. Try pinks, corals and bronzers.
  • Sugar Body Scrub. There is nothing like sloughing away dead skin along with all the troubles of the world. There’s also an added bonus of having oils infused into the skin meaning there’s no need to apply lotion after a shower–such a time saver.
  • Drink Water. After sickness or a long weekend of work, drink plenty of water to get back into your normal routine quicker. Limit your caffeine intake because this may cause you to become lethargic and bouncing back will take longer.
  • Take Your Vitamins. Boost your metabolism and increase your desire to exercise and stay active by taking your vitamins. If you’ve been slacking off, jump back on the wagon and start again. You’ll feel the difference in days.  
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