.:Beauty Tip Tuesday:. 12/13/11

Winter brings great things like Holiday parties, beautiful snow scenes, and gourmet hot chocolate but it also brings dry skin. Here are a few tips to get rid of dry skin using a few at home remedies:


Slather on vegetable, sunflower, coconut, almond, olive or peanut oil after your lukewarm showers or baths. Go to your favorite home decor store or bed and bath store and find a beautiful container to store the oil in. Then, be sure to add one of these oils to your winter bathtime regimen.


Shea Butter is great for dry hair and dry skin. It’s full of vitamins and because of its richness it’s capable of moisturizing dry skin even when a small amount is used. Although shea butter can be found in lotions and soaps, it’s best to get pure, unbleached shea butter which is usually yellow in color.

**After your nighttime shower/bath and after you rub in your oils or shea butter, wear breathable loose-fitting clothes (100% cotton pieces are perfect) to bed as often as possible to keep skin soft. Tight fitting clothes make dry skin even worse*** 

Hope these tips help improve your dry skin. Enjoy your Winter!

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