Taking care of yourself from head to toe can get to be time consuming but this week’s beauty tip will help you go from drab to fab in no time.

So what’s the big secret? It’s Press On Nails! Yes, Press On Nails!!!

Run to your local Walgreens, CVS or Rite-Aid and browse down the beauty aisle for Press On Nails. You often look over this beauty secret because it’s easier to go for the obvious – nail polish, file, buffer, cuticle scissors, and so on.

Skip all of that and go for the quick fix! It’s cost effective and with all the innovations in Press On Nails there are tons of options like French Manicure, American Manicure and some of your wildest color combinations and designs. They also come in different shapes (square, rounded, etc) and are available or a quick mani or pedi.

Some popular brands to try are Sally Hansen, Kiss, or Wet N’ Wild. This is also a great bonding activity for you and your daughter or niece.

Go Glam FAST With Pretty Press On Nails!

Stay Glamorous!

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