What is a girl to do when she has run out of her name brand makeup remover? Well…she uses household products and keeps it moving.

Going to bed with makeup on is a major NO-NO so I applaud your efforts to be in compliance with the Glamour Girl BEAUTY rules!

Here are some tips to remove your makeup with items that you already have at home.

Eye Makeup Removers (Mascara, Eye Shadows, Liners)

Olive Oil – remove with a cotton ball

Baby Oil – remove with a cotton ball

Almond Oil – remove with a cotton ball

Baby Shampoo (especially to remove waterproof mascara) – lather up on a warm, wet cloth

Petroleum Jelly – remove with a cotton ball

Foundation & Blush Remover

Plain Yogurt – oh the refreshing feeling! Just scoop out a nice amount and remove makeup while also refreshing your skin. Rinse.

Unscented Baby Wipes

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