.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 20 Spring Beauty Tips

Okay Ladies, SPRING IS HERE! Therefore, it’s time to take your beauty enhancing techniques to another level.

Since Spring ALWAYS rolls around on the 20th of March, I decided to come up with 20 beauty tips! Let’s Go!

1. Replace your brushes and other beauty tools with new brushes,etc.
2. Get a pedicure and try a new bright color on your toes.
3. Try a NEW lip color – pinks, neutrals or classic red.
4. Indulge with a NEW shower gel something that smells fresh like cucumber melon or pear.
5. Add highlights to your hair.
6. Wear sunscreen.
7. Winter has ended, so ease up on the heavy oils and creams. Don’t over-moisturize.
8. Grab some colorful eye liners – purple, green, turquoise, etc.
9. Whiten your teeth with either an at-home system or have your dentist whiten you up.
10. Use a bronzer so you always look sun-kissed. Replace your usual blush with bronzer.
11. Focus on the frizz! Hats and scarves will be a thing of the past so really make an effort to seal your ends with a frizz serum.
12. Get your ends clipped. As the grass outside grows so should your beautiful locs.
13. Get a facial. Your skin will thank you!
14. Treat yourself to a back facial so you have a beautiful back as you begin to wear sundresses and spaghetti straps.
15. Change your shampoo. Even opt for a shampoo bar which lather up so much better.
16. Update your skin shaving system. Get new razors, new shaving cream, etc.
17. Invest in an eye serum to keep puffy eyes at bay and to look vibrant at all times.
18. Try a microdermabrasion system to slough away those dead skin cells and reveal your beautiful Spring skin.
19. Keep your lips looking soft and kissable (yes, kissable!). Take 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar and gently massage it into your lips. Repeat at least once per week.
20. Go to bed on time. Daylight Savings time is in full effect and you get much longer days but don’t forget to wind down early enough to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

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I hope you enjoyed these Spring Beauty Tips! Refer back to this post as often as you like! Happy Spring & Stay Glamorous!

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