.:Beauty Tip Tuesday:. 5 Bargain Tips For The Financially Fabulous

In order to become Financially Fabulous it’s vital that you learn how to become a bargain shopper.

Here are 5 tips to help you out:

1. Compare Prices
Don’t be so quick to buy! Compare prices and go for the best deal.

2. Savings Via Social Networks
Put that Iphone and Android to good use. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare, & Twitter offer great deals simply if you “like” or “follow” them on the internet.

3. Shop Online
In order for online shopping sites to lure you to choose them over storefronts, they are offering deep discounts and FREE SHIPPING. Talk about a huge plus! Not only can you find something unique but you may wind up paying even less!

4. Make Sure Time Is On Your Side
The best bargain shoppers know exactly when to shop. Holiday Sales are heaven sent and We’re Moving Sales or Going Out Of Business Sales can also provide great bargains. NOTE: Be careful with Going Out Of Business Sales because stores have up to 3 times to use this marketing strategy. You may end up paying a ridiculous price that seems like a bargain but is more a less their way of moving their inventory.

5. Patience Is A Virtue
Don’t be an impulsive or an emotional shopper. Sometimes if we just learn to wait by asking ourselves if it’s really important for us to buy a new outfit or go out to lunch for the third time in a week we could really get ahead financially. It may not seem like it’s making a difference but try keeping a ziploc bag in your purse to collect all the loose change and dollars that could’ve spent on lunch. If you use your credit or debit card then use that ziploc bag to collect all of your receipts. Either way you may be surprised with what you end up with!

I hope these quick tips were useful. I really want to see you succeed on the road to becoming FINANCIALLY FABULOUS! It may not be easy but it will certainly be worth it!

REMEMBER THE CHALLENGE: Save $25 each week during the month of May so that you will end up with $100 by the end of the month to go toward your Emergency Fund.

Remain Focused & Stay Glamorous!

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