.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 5 Quick Tips To Clean-Up A Makeup Mess


Some mornings require you to move fast! You have to quickly apply your makeup and cleanup behind yourself even faster!

Here are a few tips to help you get ready and clean up in a short period of time:

1). Pencils – A quick sharpen after using will clean your pencils and have them ready for the next use.

2) Mascara – Dip a q-tip in a drop or two of baby oil to erase any mistakes made with liquid mascara.

3) Brushes – Run a container of warm water and add a few drops of baby shampoo (or any shampoo) and drop in all your brushes. Brushes can soak all day while you’re at work and after work rinse, squeeze out excess water and dry on a towel. Repeat every two weeks.

4) Nail Polish – If you have to touch up your nails, keep nail polish remover handy. Dip Q-tip into the cap filled with remover to clean up any mess on your nails or to wipe up any polish if you accidentally knock over the bottle.

5) Makeup Bag – Once you’ve removed all of your brushes, spray/wipe out your bag with an antiseptic cleaner/wipe. Turn inside out & leave to dry while you’re at work.

BONUS: At night when you remove makeup, add a few drops of liquid makeup remover (I use Wet ‘N Wild) and rub it onto your towel and use it as a pre-soak before tossing towels into the wash.

Share some of your quick clean-up tips!


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