.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 5 Things Every Glamour Girl Needs In Her Beauty Arsenal


Whether you’re at home getting your face all dolled up or you’re on the go, these 5 things are needed in your beauty arsenal:

1. Tweezers – Yep, tweeze away those chin hairs and touch up those eyebrows so they stay well-groomed at all times.

2. Sharpeners – Eyeliners go on BEST when properly sharpened. Keep a shiny, new sharpener in your beauty chest.

3. Q-tips – If you make a mistake with your liquid eyeliner or you need to remove your false lashes, q-tips are the perfect tool. Opt for the ones with the pointy tips for the best results. Dip in baby oil and you can remove eyeliner and lashes in a cinch!

4. Lip Brush – If you want your lip color to stay on longer, you must take the extra step of applying your lip color with a lip brush. It really helps the color to get down into all the crevices and creases of your lips. Plus if your lips are not defined it helps you to blend in your lip liner and your lip color with sheer perfection.

5. Eye Cream – We are constantly pulling on the area under our eyes–putting on eyeliner, putting in our contacts, rubbing our eyes, etc.–so be sure to invest in a firming eye cream to keep that area from sagging.

Okay Glamour Girls, I hope you have these items in your stockpile! If you don’t, head to your favorite Beauty Store and get everything that you need!

Stay Glamorous!

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