.:Beauty Tip Tuesday:. 5 Uses For Conditioner That You Never Knew About

We all know that conditioner is great for making our hair just a little bit more manageable but there are a few uses for conditioner that you may not know about. Here’s a list of uses that you’ll be glad to add to your beauty repertoire!


1. Makeup Remover

Add a dab of conditioner to a cotton ball for an easy way to remove your makeup. Not only does it cleanse your skin but it will also moisturize it along the way. A little goes a long way and it’s a great way to get an extra use out of something that you already have on hand.

2. Shaving Cream

This is my absolute favorite use for conditioner if I run out of shaving cream. Not only will you have a great alternative to shaving cream but your legs, underarm or bikini area will be nice & moisturized from the conditioner. Next time you run out of shaving cream, try it! In fact, you may never buy overpriced shaving cream again!

3. Body Lotion

If you ever forget your lotion but you have conditioner in your reach, it will work wonders to moisturize your legs. It’s a great use for those sample packs of Conditioner that you may have. Add them to your emergency beauty bag and keep them handy just in case!

4. Body Oil

Add a drop or two of conditioner to running water as you draw your bath to add just a little bit of moisture especially if you live in a city where you have hard water. For extra moisture, put a drop or two of conditioner in your hands and rub onto your wet skin to activate the body oil elements.

cotton socks

5. Foot Moisturizer

A great way to soften up the bottom of your feet is to rub on a few coats of your favorite conditioner. Cover your feet with a sock and keep on over night. By the next day, your feet should feel unbelievably soft and smell amazing.  Tip: Be careful in the shower the next morning because the balls of your feet may get slippery when the water hits your feet so a towel at the bottom of the tub may help if you don’t have a rubber mat. 

BONUS: If you ever run out of fabric sheets, take a washcloth and drench it in conditioner. It will get messy but feel free to rub any excess in your hair as a deep conditioner lol! Once you’ve gotten a good amount on your washcloth toss it in the dryer and your load of clothes will be static free and they’ll smell great.

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