I’m all about beauty on a budget so I’ve compiled the top 10 things that you need for a luxurious At Home Spa:

1. Candles – Choose varying shapes and sizes.

2. Bath Salts – Add colorful bath salts in extra large glass jars and place in a perfect corner of your bathroom. Include a scoop for easy pouring.

3. Body Oils – Choose oils that you can add to your water and those that have relaxing fragrances like Jasmine, Lavender, Almond, etc.

4. Plush towels – The sight of fresh, bright, plush towels will cause immediate relaxation at the thought of being wrapped in its warmth.

5. Bath Robe – You’ll feel like you’re at a five star spa as soon as you put on your spa quality robe.

6. Bath Slippers – Don’t forget to add those plush spa slippers to your at-home spa. Make your feet happy too!

7. Music – If you’re able to add speakers throughout your bathroom that would be awesome if not a cd player, ipod, or your smartphone would work just fine. Play your relaxation music and go on a journey.

8. Fresh Flowers – This is another way to appeal to your senses. The sight of flowers will immediately lift your spirit and enhance your mood of relaxation.

9. Spa Seating (Laundry Hamper Or Ottoman) – You need seating in your spa to apply your bath oils and lotions and/or to read your favorite magazines or book (Glamour Girl: How To Get The Ultimate Makeover) when you just want to have a mini-spa day.

10. Cool Beverages – The day before your spa day or the morning of slice a few lemons and limes and add water. Chill in the refrigerator and be sure to sip on our cool, cleansing beverage as you enjoy your steamy bath. You may also add blueberries, strawberries and raspberries to your water as well. The natural sugars from the fruit add flavors that are delicious and refreshing.

It may take you some time to gather up everything for your At-Home Spa but strive to create a space that you can be proud of and one that you can relax in as often as you’d like.

Stay Glamorous!

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