.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Diet Cheaters

We strive daily to do the right thing, say the right thing and be everything to everybody. However, in all of our daily functions one area that we may slack off in is how we eat and how well we stick to our healthy diets.

So what is a GLAMOUR GIRL to do when she cheats on her diet? Simple. This week’s beauty tip will reveal what you should do if you ever find yourself dealing with the fact that you may be a diet cheater *dramatic background music*…no really it’s okay, here’s a few steps to follow:

1. Don’t Give Up…IT happens!
2. Understand No Matter How “By The Book” You Are, Everyone Cheats On Their Diet From Time To Time
3. Get Back On Your Regimen & DON’T Beat Yourself Up About It
4. Next Time, Exhibit Just A Little More Willpower By Packing Snacks, Drinking A Glass Of Water Or Just Say No
5. Treat Yourself To A Splurge Day At Least To Avoid The Temptation
6. Assess When You Eat Emotionally (After A Long Day, Stress, PMS, Etc) & Try To Counter Your Actions
7. Know That Staying Healthy Is A Part Of Being A True Glamour Girl, So Make Every Effort To Stay On Track…When
You Fall Off Just Refer Back To This Blog Post For A Little Encouragement! You Can Do It, Glamour Girl!

Stay Glamorous!

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