.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Fall 2012 Beauty/Makeup Trends

Fall is just around the corner and as you have probably already guessed, there will be some new trends this season.

Here are 5 new trends that you can expect to see & should indulge in this Fall:

1) Mix Subtle with Bold. Try a subtle eye color (neutral palette of shadows and liners) with a bold lip color like classic reds, deep violets or chocolates.

2) Dramatic Fall Eyes. Opt for smoky eyes in grays, violets, or deep chocolates especially when going out for a Girls Night or Date Night. Mix it up from time to time with shimmery shadows and eyeliners in sapphire, cobalt or burnt orange.

3) Sleek & Edgy Hair. With turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks coming back into season, wearing the hair back into a ponytail will draw attention to your beautiful facial features. Add a little edge with a messy ponytail. After all, nobody’s perfect!

4) Natural Nails. Out with the stiletto nails and in with the natural nails with traditional shapes, normal lengths and Fall color palettes like rust, olives and mulberrry.

5) Fresh face. Exfoliating the skin never goes out of season. As we approach the bitter winds that come with the end of Fall and the entrance of Winter, start now exfoliating those dead skin cells with a sugar facial scrub. On those days when you want to wear a fresh face, you will be more than confident to do so!

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