.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Is Your Little Miss Glamour Girl Ready For Makeup?

Believe it or not our daughters, nieces, students, church members and neighbors are watching us. They watch the way we dress, they pick up on the perfume that we wear and they check out how we wear our hair. Most importantly, they look at the makeup that we wear and secretly await the day that they can begin wearing lipstick and eye shadow.

It’s vital to remember that if you don’t talk to the ladies in your life about makeup, they’ll likely find someone at school or in their peer group to explain the process. This is what you DON’T want! Keep in mind that your Little Miss Glamour Girl is growing up and eventually she will want to enhance her beauty with makeup. Don’t make her feel like it’s a crime but do explain to her when it’s appropriate, how much is appropriate and most importantly how to take care of the skin that she’s in.

Here are a few tips to help you know if your Little Miss Glamour Girl is ready for makeup:

If she’s ready, she’ll start talking about what the girls at school are wearing or she’ll get in the car with her face all made up. If she makes good grades and is of age, take a deep breath and kick the SHE’S READY FOR MAKEUP plan into full gear. Please note: These days, young ladies may show interest in makeup at a much younger age. Even as early as 10 years old. Be prepared!

Step 1) Talk to your Little Miss Glamour Girl about makeup. Assure her that you understand her desire to want to wear makeup and that you are just so impressed by the young woman that she’s blossoming into. Whatever you do, don’t push her away or she’ll be sneaking into makeup when you’re not around.

Step 2) Go shopping for makeup TOGETHER. Assure her that there’s nothing to be ashamed of or sneak around doing. Pick out neutral eye shadows and even let her pick out a “wild” palette just for fun–if she’s dying to get purples or greens.

Step 3) Set Limits. Encourage her to go for clear mascara and clear gloss to start out instead of black mascara and lipstick. Trust me she’ll be so excited that you’re on her team and that you’re paying for everything that she’ll happily oblige. Let her know that there’ s plenty of time for certain types of makeup and that she can invest in glitter eye shadow and eyeliner when she’s a lot older. Remind her that you let her choose a “wild” palette that she can experiment with at home only so she’s able to see the difference between neutrals and deeper colors.

Step 4) Once you’re done with your shopping trip, go home and show her how to apply her makeup the right way so it looks natural and age appropriate. If you need help, go to a makeup counter or call a friend who does makeup really well and make a whole day out of it.

SHE’S NOT READY, if she hasn’t shown any interest in makeup. She may be 16 years old and is just fine with her chapstick or lip balm. She’s also NOT READY if she’s overly worried about fitting in or giving off signs that she wants to look/feel older.

Step 1) Let her know that makeup is not designed for her to try to fit in. It’s very important that she understand that makeup can make her look a lot older and therefore attract the wrong attention from the opposite sex.

Step 2) Focus her attention to other grooming products like shampoo, conditioner, perfume or body washes that are age appropriate. Teach her the basics about hygiene and let her know that if she shows that she’s responsible with these items then you’ll reconsider her desire to wear makeup.

Step 3) Use special occasions to let her test the water. Start with Step 1 in the SHE’S READY tips above and give her the opportunity to show that she’s mature enough to wear makeup at school dances for picture day or on her birthday.

Allow your Little Miss Glamour Girl to experiment under your supervision of course and always be open about the subject of makeup. It’s a fun part of growing up and how you handle it can make or break her view of beauty. Always teach her that beauty is first visible from the inside out and that makeup only makes a Glamour Girl even more Glamorous!

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