.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Transition Your Fashion With Glamour

We have just entered the Fall season but on some days it can still feel like Summer. When the seasons change it can be a little difficult trying to figure out what to wear. Some days it may be hot enough to wear your Summer attire and other days it may be a little brisk and you need to wear your Fall pieces.

So on those in-between days, here are 5 tips that you can follow to Transition Your Fashion With Glamour:

1) Layer, layer, layer. Pull out those blazers and layer them over a silk or cotton blouse for those cool mornings. When the afternoon rolls around, toss the blazer and you’ll still look like a winner.

Extra Transition Tip: Layering is also a GREAT way to get another few weeks wear out of your favorite Summer dresses.

2) Rock your boots. Cowboys & cowgirls wear their boots year round so don’t feel strange about wearing yours. Rock your boots as you wish and especially during the seasons in-between Summer and Fall or Fall and Winter. It’s all about confidence.

Extra Transition Tip: Keep a pair of rain boots in the trunk just in case!

3) Switch It Up. Trade your bright colorful pieces of accessories from jewelry to handbags to belts and scarves in for rustic Fall pieces and you’ll be ready for the new Season in an instant. Instead of those Summer neon-inspired colors opt for rustic, warm colors rich like burnt orange, deep mauve, and dark green.  A quick switch & you’ll be Fall Fashion ready.

Extra Transition Tip: If most of your outfit consist of dark pieces (shirts, pants, shoes) feel free to add a pop of color from your Summer stash to create balance.

4) Tights Rule. The in-between days are perfect for tights plus you can add them to your Summer dresses and pull it off without a cinch. Tweens/teens can get away with long socks to keep those legs warm and those of us over 25 can wear tights with different textures and colors to stay cool and warm at the same time.  Keep your Fashion Game TIGHT!

Extra Transition Tip: Opt for the thinner tights just in case and then as the Fall season gets into full gear transition over to the thicker tights.

5) Tee Time. From the work week to the weekend there are tons you can do with a long sleeve tee. At work a light tissue long sleeve tee in a nice tone will work under a blazer and with your favorite Fall jewelry. On the weekend, do some yard work or host a yard sale in a long sleeve tee layered under your favorite short sleeve tee. Mix and match colors and you’ll wish there was room for Tee Time everyday.

Extra Transition Tip: Long sleeve tees are perfect substitutes for turtlenecks which should not come out of your Fashion repertoire until late Fall or Winter.

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Stay Glamorous!

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