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As we head into the New Year, I want you to find out what kept you from reaching your goals in 2011. This E-Book will change your outlook on life & light a fire under you so you can GET GOING!

E-Book Details:  

What’s Stopping You? is A NEW E-Book That Will Help You Identify The FLAWS That Hinder Your Gifts, Your Growth, & Your True Glamour!

In this dynamic E-Book, Megan combines her former years of experience in the beauty industry as a Licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist with her gift of inspiring women to greatness to uniquely explain how to discover beauty from the inside out.

In this relevant and powerful E-Book, you’ll discover the top beauty FLAWS that women combat daily. These FLAWS can be debilitating and can only be covered up for so long. While reading, you’ll be able to identify your own FLAWS and learn how to fix them for good with Megan’s Glamour Girl Beauty Regimens.  This E-Book is jam-packed with beauty secrets that will equip and empower every True Glamour Girl!

 Here’s an excerpt from the E-Book:

 “On the back of any product that you purchase to remove acne scars, blemishes and other flaws from your skin, you will find a message that says: Allow 4 – 6 weeks for results. In other words, fixing your FLAWS won’t be an overnight miracle.”

After reading this E-Book, you will know how to:

  • Identify & Conquer Your FLAWS
  • Respect your inner beauty
  • Enhance your outer beauty
  • How to achieve balance

What’s Stopping You? E-Book Includes A Very Special Bonus! 

BONUS: A Just Write Therapy Activity designed to help you recognize and manage personal conflicts and everyday challenges through the therapy of writing. These activities come with built-in self-improvement techniques that are extremely beneficial and key to helping you to maintain a healthy self-image while equipping you with a strong ability to positively relate to and impact others.

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Stay Glamorous!

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