I ♥ Water Challenge *Starts April 10, 2011*

I’m positive that you or someone you know has uttered the words, “I Hate Drinking Water” and you have your reasons why. It may be that you like beverages with more flavor or that you struggle with getting in your daily required amount. In fact, if you’re cringing at the very thought of drinking more water, then this challenge is just for you!

Over the next 21 days, I will motivate you to have a healthier body, radiant skin, stronger hair and nails, and more energy. How will I do that? By getting you to recognize that Water is so good for you that it’s only befitting for you to develop a love for it. I will give you tips on how to drink more water and we’ll do take this challenge TOGETHER! Why 21 days? It takes 21 days to form a habit and we want to form a GREAT habit of drinking refreshing WATER!

So let’s go Glamour Girls! The weather is about to get hotter and we need to be hydrated! There’s nothing GLAMOROUS about fainting or developing heat strokes or other serious health issue from a lack of hydration. Your vitamins will work better for you, your exercise regimen will have a boost and your internal organs will function much better if you take the time to replenish your body DAILY with WATER!

After 21 days, you’ll find yourself saying, “I ♥ Water” and it won’t be so hard to drink your required amount. Although we’re striving to drink 8 glasses per day, the actual amount that you need to drink each day is truly determined by your body weight, etc. I’ll share more tips and vital information in the days to come.

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