7 Beauty Tips That Your Mom Would Approve

For most of us, our mothers or grandmothers taught how to carry ourselves like young ladies, how to apply makeup (or not apply it), and how to preserve our beauty from head to toe. This week’s beauty tips are reminiscent of the things that your mom taught and those that she’d approve of even to this day! Enjoy!


In Mom's Footsteps

1. Remember Your Toes – Keep your feet pretty by using a pumice stone to scrub the balls of your feet while in the shower and right after you get out of the shower, push those cuticles back. Follow this by a good coat of Vaseline and sleep in a pair of socks to get those super soft feet.

2. Clean Your Ears – Although there’s controversy over whether to use Q-tips to remove the wax from your ear, it’s a great tip to remember. Add a dab of baby oil so that your Q-tip will glide across the surface of your inner ear. Tip: For deep ear cleansing, visit your nearest beauty school or spa for an ear candling service.

3. Wear A Hat – Who knew that Mom was trying to protect us from the harmful sunrays. Yes, that’s right! Be sure to wear sunscreen with SPF and be sure to wear it all year long.

4. Act Like A Lady – Our mothers and grandmothers grew up in the time of Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, Eartha Kitt, and Dorothy Dandridge, so they had lovely examples of classy ladies. What mom was really saying was take some time to GET PRETTY! Set up an at-home spa and treat yourself to a night of relaxation and rejuvenation.

5. Wear Your Foundations – Whether it was a slip, a girdle or a good bra, it was a rule to make sure that your undergarments fit as properly as you were to behave. Make sure that you visit a lingerie shop or a department store to make sure that you’re wearing the right bra and to stock up on everything that you need to look good in your clothes.

6. Don’t Grow Up Too Fast – Well our mothers want us to always be their babies but in beauty terms this meant to dress appropriately for your age and to apply your makeup for your age. Don’t wear makeup or clothes that will bring undue attention to you. Nor should you dress in a way that takes away from your essence as a woman. Act and look beautiful and don’t act like you’re too young or too old.

7. Eat Your Veggies – Your mom was preparing you for a lifetime of healthy eating. Not only does it give you the energy to exercise, play with the games, have a great attitude at work and dote on your husband, it also extends your life. You want to be around long enough to make your mother proud and to pass on all of these great tips to your daughters and nieces.

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