Supernaturally Single

I’m so excited to announce a new series for Single Glamour Girls. I come into contact with so many single women who seem unhappy about their current relationship status. However, Single Glamour Girls have such a huge advantage & I realize that some may need to be reminded of the wonderful opportunities that are available to them during this season of their lives.

Being Single doesn’t mean that you live a boring, unfulfilled life. Instead, being Single has just as many perks as ANY OTHER relationship status. The entire Supernaturally Single series is dedicated to Today’s Single Woman to remind you that you can do anything and you can be anything. It is comprised of 5 parts & after reading each part to the series, you will know that there is purpose in being Single. You will also be empowered to live happily as a Single. If your desire is to be married, you will learn how to prepare for your mate and you will truly embrace the fact that your season will change from Single to Married in God’s Divine time.

Check back for more details about the new Supernaturally Single series.

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