.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 4 Ways To Recover From A Bad Breakout

Sometimes it’s inevitable to avoid those unsightly skin issues like blackheads, whiteheads or rosacea. Pimples and breakouts are also known for having bad timing too. Therefore, if you find yourself dealing with a bad breakout, here are 4 tips on how to recover:
1) Change Is Good
Change your pillow cases, scarves, wraps or anything you’ve been […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 5 Quick Tips To Clean-Up A Makeup Mess

Some mornings require you to move fast! You have to quickly apply your makeup and cleanup behind yourself even faster!
Here are a few tips to help you get ready and clean up in a short period of time:

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 10 Ways To Keep Calm & Stay Focused In 2013

I recently hosted a Vision Board Party and the event was absolutely phenomenal! Glamour Girls of all ages attended and we laughed, we cried and most importantly we envisioned our bright futures. It is always key to know what you want out of life and to go boldly in the direction of your dreams and […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. What Is A Vision Board? Contest Details

Envision It.Commit To It.Embrace It.
So what exactly is a vision board?
It’s a poster board or foam board that visually displays where you see yourself in the future. It can represent short-term & long term goals by using pictures and words cut out of magazines, newspapers or hand drawn.
Once you’ve collected all the pictures that you […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 5 Things Every Glamour Girl Needs In Her Beauty Arsenal

Whether you’re at home getting your face all dolled up or you’re on the go, these 5 things are needed in your beauty arsenal:
1. Tweezers – Yep, tweeze away those chin hairs and touch up those eyebrows so they stay well-groomed at all times.
2. Sharpeners – Eyeliners go on BEST when properly sharpened. Keep a […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 13 Ways To Look & Feel Your Best This New Year

Happy New Year! It’s 2013! Wow!
Here Are 13 Tips To Help You To Look & Feel Your Best All Year Long!
1. Get 6 – 8 Hours Of Rest Every Night
2. Drink A Glass Of Water First Thing Each Morning
3. Exfoliate Your Skin At Least Twice A Week
4. Add A Little Baking Soda To […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 12 Days Of Glamour – Days 1 – 12

BEGINNING 12/1/12 – 12/12/12–The Glamour Girl Movement Will Kick Off Its 12 Days Of Glamour! An Experienced Team Of Beauty Professionals Have Teamed Up To Bring You The Best Beauty Products/Services For The Holiday Season & Since You’ve Been Nice You’ll Be Able To Take Advantage Of Some Awesome Discounts Offered By Each Business. Remember, […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 6 Ways To Look Youthful

As we age, we have to face the facts that our skin is going to wrinkle, sag or act up in some way or another. However, there are ways to defy wrinkles, brighten your complexion and feel more confident!
Here are 6 ways to help you to look youthful:
1) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
Every morning moisturize your skin […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Is Your Little Miss Glamour Girl Ready For Makeup?

Believe it or not our daughters, nieces, students, church members and neighbors are watching us. They watch the way we dress, they pick up on the perfume that we wear and they check out how we wear our hair. Most importantly, they look at the makeup that we wear and secretly await the day that […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 5 Ways To Combat Dry Hair

As the season starts to change it can affect our hair in the worst way. No matter what you do, the moisture in your hair just seems to disappear into thin air. I’ve compiled 5 tips to help you combat dry hair.
1. Pre-Poo Before You Shampoo
Allow your favorite moisturizing conditioner to sit on your hair […]

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