Modest Glam For Easter Sunday

On the day that we celebrate our Risen Savior, Glamour Girls will step out to Worship Service in their best outfits. Bright colors, matching hats, and cute accessories will be spotted as far as the eyes can see but GLAMOUR GIRLS let’s remember to reverence the Lord’s day with class and modesty in our attire. […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 5 Beauty Tips For Smooth Clean Skin

If you have flawless skin then you have it made, my dear! For those of us who don’t we have to work very hard to achieve an even skin tone. Here are some great tips & products that can aid in smoothing your skin tone giving you that flawless look even after you’ve take off […]

Supernaturally Single

I’m so excited to announce a new series for Single Glamour Girls. I come into contact with so many single women who seem unhappy about their current relationship status. However, Single Glamour Girls have such a huge advantage & I realize that some may need to be reminded of the wonderful opportunities that are available to them […]

A Sneak Peek at a Few Chapters

Here Are a Few Chapter Summaries:
Chapter 1: It’s What’s On The Inside
Describes the beauty that God has placed on the inside of every woman that He has created.
Chapter 3: Beauty Transformation
Emphasizes the importance of taking the time to level with God. Reminds women that regardless of where they’ve been in life, there is always room […]

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