10 Ways STRUGGLING Helps You To Win

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From where you stand, you may always feel like you’re struggling in life. Every season comes with its own set of problems and it seems like the odds are constantly against you. Great News! If you’re currently struggling or can’t remember the last time that you weren’t struggling, you’re on the fast […]

Modest Glam For Easter Sunday

On the day that we celebrate our Risen Savior, Glamour Girls will step out to Worship Service in their best outfits. Bright colors, matching hats, and cute accessories will be spotted as far as the eyes can see but GLAMOUR GIRLS let’s remember to reverence the Lord’s day with class and modesty in our attire. […]

Hurt People HURT People

I’m back with an all NEW Season of The Glamour GIRL POWER Calls!
Be sure to listen to the Glamour GIRL POWER Calls each Wednesday at 7:00 pm CST.
Here’s The First Call of The Season On The Topic “Hurt People HURT People”.
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When you’ve been hurt how you respond makes all the difference.
Here […]

Create A Prayer Basket

Create A Prayer Basket
Use items around your home to create a prayer basket that will help you to stay focused and keep you intimately connected to God. Below you’ll find details about what to put in your prayer basket, a video tutorial, as well as tips on how to use your prayer basket! Enjoy!

Click –> To WATCH […]

What To Eat While You’re Fasting


Fasting is a spiritual experience involving “giving up” certain foods, beverages, and in some cases, social media and other forms of entertainment to draw closer to God. By sacrificing some of your favorite indulgences, you literally starve your flesh and allow your spirit to take precedence which results in an amazing sensitivity to God’s voice.
Although Fasting […]

7 Beauty Tips That Your Mom Would Approve

For most of us, our mothers or grandmothers taught how to carry ourselves like young ladies, how to apply makeup (or not apply it), and how to preserve our beauty from head to toe. This week’s beauty tips are reminiscent of the things that your mom taught and those that she’d approve of even to […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 10 Ways To Keep Calm & Stay Focused In 2013

I recently hosted a Vision Board Party and the event was absolutely phenomenal! Glamour Girls of all ages attended and we laughed, we cried and most importantly we envisioned our bright futures. It is always key to know what you want out of life and to go boldly in the direction of your dreams and […]

.:Beauty Tip Tuesday:. 5 Bargain Tips For The Financially Fabulous

In order to become Financially Fabulous it’s vital that you learn how to become a bargain shopper.
Here are 5 tips to help you out:
1. Compare Prices
Don’t be so quick to buy! Compare prices and go for the best deal.
2. Savings Via Social Networks
Put that Iphone and Android to good use. Social Networking sites […]

.:Beauty Tip Tuesday:. Financially Fit & Fabulous

Every Glamour Girl needs balance. If you’re familiar with any of my e-books, I share a visual aid that displays a Star and I discuss the importance of having Star Power. On the diagram, I display the following at each point of the Star:
These factors indicate areas of our lives that need to be […]

Supernaturally Single

I’m so excited to announce a new series for Single Glamour Girls. I come into contact with so many single women who seem unhappy about their current relationship status. However, Single Glamour Girls have such a huge advantage & I realize that some may need to be reminded of the wonderful opportunities that are available to them […]

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