.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 6 Ways To Look Youthful

As we age, we have to face the facts that our skin is going to wrinkle, sag or act up in some way or another. However, there are ways to defy wrinkles, brighten your complexion and feel more confident!
Here are 6 ways to help you to look youthful:
1) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
Every morning moisturize your skin […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Is Your Little Miss Glamour Girl Ready For Makeup?

Believe it or not our daughters, nieces, students, church members and neighbors are watching us. They watch the way we dress, they pick up on the perfume that we wear and they check out how we wear our hair. Most importantly, they look at the makeup that we wear and secretly await the day that […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 5 Ways To Combat Dry Hair

As the season starts to change it can affect our hair in the worst way. No matter what you do, the moisture in your hair just seems to disappear into thin air. I’ve compiled 5 tips to help you combat dry hair.
1. Pre-Poo Before You Shampoo
Allow your favorite moisturizing conditioner to sit on your hair […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Cinnamon Sugar Facial Scrub

Fall is here and I’m sure you’re already getting excited about all of the upcoming holiday parties and festive occasions that are in the weeks ahead. Not to mention the excitement of noticing the leaves changing colors, the brisk mornings and the aromas that fill the air to remind us that Fall is indeed here!
In […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Top 5 Red Lipsticks For Every Skin Tone

I love wearing red lipstick but I know a lot of women shy away from wearing red lip color for various reasons. The number one reason boils down to the uncertainty of which red will work best for their skin tone. Well, you may still have to go to your nearest makeup counter to figure […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 7 Tips To Always Look Picture Perfect

Whenever you leave the house, it’s wise to look your best. I have gone out of the house plenty of times thinking that I’d make a quick run to the post office or to the Dollar Store and that’s the very time that I’d run into someone! Don’t you hate when that happens?
So I have […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 5 Ways To Get Glam Under $5

I’m Wearing Wet N Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color In “Private Viewing”
It Was Under $5!
Nothing makes me happier than finding Beauty Products under $5.00. Since I love each of you, I thought I’d share some of my secrets with you on scoring MUST-HAVE Beauty staples for Under $5.00.
1. Lip Balm – Supple lips that show […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. Transition Your Fashion With Glamour

We have just entered the Fall season but on some days it can still feel like Summer. When the seasons change it can be a little difficult trying to figure out what to wear. Some days it may be hot enough to wear your Summer attire and other days it may be a little brisk […]


I’m all about beauty on a budget so I’ve compiled the top 10 things that you need for a luxurious At Home Spa:
1. Candles – Choose varying shapes and sizes.
2. Bath Salts – Add colorful bath salts in extra large glass jars and place in a perfect corner of your bathroom. Include a scoop for […]

.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. 4 On-The-Go Beauty Tips

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain your beauty when you’re constantly on the go. Here are 4 tried & true beauty tips to STAY GLAMOROUS when you’re out & about.
1. Fix Your Nails, Glamour Girl
Uneven or unsightly nails can be avoided by keeping a nail filing kit in the glove compartment of your car. Pull your […]

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