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Megan R. Mottley

Publisher · Writer · Inspirational Speaker · Author

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What Is The Glamour Girl Movement

The Glamour Girl Movement is a FREE membership program for teen girls and adult women that provides tools, products and services to empower and encourage women to embrace their beauty from the inside out. It was created in lieu of the book, Glamour Girl: How To Get Ultimate Makeover in an effort to keep women engaged on a daily basis. Glamour Girls can register on this official website and stay connected to The Glamour Girl Movement on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube.  The Glamour Girl Movement hosts several live events throughout the year including Glitterati™ and Glamour Girl Spa Party XL™.  In 2014, the Glamour Girl “Stay Glamorous” Conference will hit 3 cities including Memphis, Atlanta and Chicago.

Founder & Creator of The Glamour Girl Movement

Megan Mottley is the Founder and Creator of The Glamour Girl Movement. She spent several years working as a licensed esthetician and freelance makeup artist providing relaxation and rejuvenation services to women. Megan observed that women were putting more effort into enhancing their outer beauty and neglecting the most important aspect of True Glamour–inner beauty.  Megan launched The Glamour Girl Movement™ in January 2011 to encourage women to embrace beauty from the inside out.  Megan believes that when women take a deep look into their proverbial mirrors they are apt to discover their life purpose and can experience a life of freedom.


In her debut book Glamour Girl: How To Get The Ultimate Makeover, Megan combines her love for beauty with her love for writing to reveal the biggest beauty secret ever! She reveals how women can get the ultimate makeover.

Glamour GIRL POWER Calls

NEW SEASON & NEW TIME Starting In November! Megan hosts live conference calls every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. CST to inspire women across the nation.  For a weekly dose of GIRL POWER, call 712.432.0075 and enter access code 820095.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who/What Inspired You To Write Your Book?

After my fair share of ups & downs, a family member suggested that I take a 365 Day Sabbatical to get back on track. During that year, I evolved on so many levels and I wanted to share my experience with other women.

What Can Readers Expect From Your Book?

They can expect to learn how to get the Ultimate Makeover, why Queen Esther was a True Glamour Girl, the definition & benefits of a Sabbatical, & how to walk boldly in their purpose,

What is the definition of a “True Glamour Girl”?

A True Glamour Girl models herself after Queen Esther. She is bold & beautiful from the inside out.

How Can A Reader Get The Ultimate Makeover?

She can indulge in a Beauty Sabbatical for starters.

What is a Beauty Sabbatical?

It is a life-changing process that involves time alone with God. It is a necessary step for the woman who has gotten off track, who needs direction in life or trying to find her purpose in life. It’s the recipe for discovering beauty from the inside out.

How can Readers Purchase Your Book?

The book is now available for pre-order at Starting in November, the book will be available online and at select bookstores.

Be sure to join The Glamour Girl Movement on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace & YouTube.

Chapters & Titles

Chapter 1: It’s What’s On The Inside

Chapter 2: Life-Changing Beauty Secrets

Chapter 3: Beauty Transformation

Chapter 4: A Natural Look

Chapter 5: Covering It Up

Chapter 6: Taking It All Off

Chapter 7: What Is The Big Secret?

Chapter 8: Esther: The True Glamour Girl

Chapter 9:  The Master Artist

Chapter 10: Pleased With The Results

Chapter 11: The Beauty of It All

Chapter 12: Timeless Beauty

Beauty That Never Fades

Self-Help Questionnaire

Scripture References

To book Megan for speaking engagements or other events, click here or call 1.855.GLM.GIRL (456.4475)

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