Supernaturally Single Part 3: How Birth Order Affects Your Relationships


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Supernaturally Single Part 3: How Birth Order Affects Your Relationships

Supernaturally Single is a NEW Glamour Girl series dedicated to Today’s Single Woman to remind the Single Woman that she can do anything and be anything. The Supernaturally Single series is comprised of 5 parts and each part focuses on a particular topic to empower the Single Woman to live happily as a Single & to help her understand that there is purpose in being Single. In addition, if the Single Woman’s desire is to be married,the Supernaturally Single series helps her to successfully prepare for her mate and teaches her to truly embrace the fact that her season will change from Single to Married in God’s Divine time.In this in depth E-Book, Megan gives insight on birth order from the first born to the baby. Birth Order affects relationships on so many levels and this book will help you to make sure that you are functioning correctly in a dating relationship as well as when you become married.
Here’s an excerpt from the E-Book:

“When it comes to your relationship, stop and ask yourself in what areas have you been trying to lead when you should just follow. In what areas have you been overbearing or overprotective when you should’ve exhibited trust?”

Can you figure out which birth order the quote above is related to?

After reading this E-Book, you will understand:

5 Rules Of Thumb For Your Birth Order
How To Function In Your Birth Order
How To Relate To Your Mate’s Birth Order
Birth Order Traits of Famous Biblical Characters & Celebrities
The Supernaturally Single E-Book Includes A Very Special Bonus!

BONUS: Verses & Quotes of Encouragement for Today’s Single Woman



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