.:BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY:. February 7, 2012

Admit it! There are some things that make being a woman so much fun. Things like owning tons of cute shoes, having enough accessories to go with every outfit, and being able to go into the bathroom and transform into a GLAMOROUS beauty queen within minutes. Knowing exactly what it takes to look and feel fabulous makes life as sweet as a box of chocolates!

This week’s beauty tip will sweeten the pot even more. It’s all about LASHES!

*Use an eyelash curler. This works perfect if your lashes tend to stick straight out. Use your curler before you apply mascara never after.  You can also heat up the curler with a hair dryer. Let it cool a bit first but it will be like a curling iron for your lashes.  

*Apply mascara by wiggling through your lashes in order to cover each lash. This also helps eliminate clumps. Apply a second coat in the same fashion. Don’t pump mascara wand up and down in the tube this causes air to become trapped and it dries out your product faster.

*Gently clean lashes with an eye makeup remover. Vaseline also works great. It takes lashes up to 8 weeks to grow back when they are prematurely pulled out so be very gently when removing fake lashes, mascara and eye liner.

Stay Glamorous!

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